Top Kid Friendly Recipes for your Little Chef at Home

Top Kid Friendly Recipes for your Little Chef at Home

You’d be surprised to know that cooking can help a child focus and grasp scientific concepts. In fact, it is the beginning of forming healthy eating habits. Each time a child helps in preparing a meal, they are indirectly learning life hacks like confidence and precision.So, if you have a budding chef at home, here are a few easy kid friendly recipes that they can try in this lockdown.

Sweet Potato Wedges

These are easy snacks to make but make sure to keep an eye on the little one constantly while they use the baking pan. The main ingredients are sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper and freshly chopped garlic and seasonings. All you have to do is heat the baking pan and bake for 30-40 minutes. Sprinkle some sea-salt and they are ready.

Cheddar Chips

To prepare this delicious and spicy tit-bit you will need sliced potatoes, cooking oil, cheese crackers, cheese and salt to taste. Ground the crackers finely and keep them aside. Grease the potatoes with oil and pour the cheese powder. Bake for a little less than an hour and serve with chilli dip.

Milk Shake

Quarantine cooking can be made enjoyable by preparing some healthy shakes to beat the summers. Get some pistachios, almonds, cashews, cardamom powder and milk. Chill the milk in the freezer or put some ice directly. Add the finely chopped nuts and dry fruitsalong with the powder and blend to perfection. Garnish with dry fruits before taking a sip.

Red Sauce Pasta

Preparing pasta recipes can be easy; particularly the red sauce variant. It is mostly made from tomatoes but you can add chicken or vegetables to make it nutritious. The main ingredients are olive oil, garlic cloves, onions, red bell peppers, chili flakes, oregano, pepper and salt. Help your child blend the veggies into a puree. Boil the pasta till they are cooked and drain them. Add all the ingredients and fry on a pan. Toss well, mix and serve hot.


Ragiladdoos are packed with nutrients and are extremely healthy for kids. The main ingredients are ragi flour, cardamom, peanuts, sesame seeds, jaggery, coconut and ghee. Mix the blended powder, sesame seeds, jaggery and flour and blend well. The kid can knead the mixture into little balls, while it is still warm. You can add ghee as required and store in a cool and dry airtight jar.

Cheese Omelette

Eggs always make up for a healthy breakfast and a cheesy twist will add on to the taste. You will need eggs, cheese, vegetables, a pinch of turmeric and oil. Ask your kid to mix all the ingredients well and add grated cheese. Whisk till it becomes a frothy and light liquid. Heat the pan with oil and pour the mixture.

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Keep flipping till both sides are fried well. Serve while the cheese is still gooey and warm. One of the easy tips for cooking omelettes is to whisk eggs at a room temperature. So, when you take them out of the refrigerator, make sure to keep them aside for a while.Cooking with kids can be a fun way to keep them productively engaged. Make sure to supervise them at all times to avoid any mishaps in the kitchen.


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