Best Hollywood movies to watch on Airtel Xstream

Best Hollywood movies to watch on Airtel Xstream

Airtel has brought the major swing in the DTH market, and the users are already excited for this new journey. While cable TV and DTH are common in India Airtel Xstreambox has to be the smartest box in this space for Indian customers.

The Xstream 4K Hybrid is a true smart box that runs on the Android 9 Pie. Under a single package, you can access the Digital TV DTH connection as well as your favorite streaming services.

Airtel Xstream

That’s not all;you have access to Airtel Xstream movie collection as well. Already eager to try out your new Airtel Xstream Box? We’ve got a list of best Hollywood movies to watch on Xstream 4K Hybrid.

  1. Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter fans must have seen this movie at least once. Well, you can now binge-watch this movie whenever you want on Airtel Xstream.

This Harry Potter spin-off takes us back in the wizarding world of New York in 1926. All is well (or it seems to be) until author Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) comes toNew York City as a part of the international study of fanciful beasts.

However, as Scamander accidentally loses a few dream like individuals under his care, he gets caught up in the conflict created by extremist No-Majs and the mystical acts from both worlds.

  1. The Dark Knight

Who doesn’t love superheroes? And among the Batman Trilogy,‘The Dark Knight’ is the most-appreciated and critically acclaimed movie. The sequel to Batman Begins, the story bringsour superhero Batman face to face with his greatest nemesis – Joker.As it startsto seem as if Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), and the cop James Gordon (Gary Oldman) are iundendstianding struggle against the criminals, a maniacal Jokerthrows the Gothamcity into complete chaos. Hollywood fans remember this movie for Lt. Heath Ledger’s exceptional performance as Joker.

  1. Blended

Has your date ever turn into a disaster? Well, we try our best to avoid the person in such case but not Lauren and Jim. After their blind date turns into a disaster, single parents Jim and Lauren keep on bumping each other. Bless their luck as they take their kids at the same resort in South Africa for a vacation. What happens during their week at African Safari resort ‘Blended’ and how they come closer is simply hilarious to watch.

  1. 21 and Over

Everyone wants to go wild at least once in life, even a straight-A college student Jeff Chang. And what could be the best chance to go wild and do crazy things than your 21st birthday. What was supposed to be just one beer on Jeff’s 21st birthday, turns into a night of total chaos and humiliation for Jeff and his best buddies Casey and Miller.

Let yourself loose, and binge-watch some of the best Hollywood blockbusters on your latest Airtel Xstream Box.


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