How To Get Tighter Shot Groups in 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Tighter Shot Groups in 4 Easy Steps

Shooters want to pull that target off the board and see a tight shot group. it is an indication of their skill as well as a testament to their equipment. If you haven’t been getting the groupings you want, following a few basic steps can help get you on the right path.

1. Skip the Energy Drinks

You need a steady hand and focus on consistently put tight groups on the board and drinking large amounts of caffeine can quickly undermine that. The resulting shakiness and elevated heart rate will impact your ability to shoot a tight group.

2. Upgrade Your Trigger

A smooth trigger pull is easier to accomplish when your equipment is up to the task. Trigger upgrades are one of the most common and easiest handgun upgrades to perform. A Glock drop in trigger can be installed in under an hour, even if you have relatively little gunsmithing experience. The resulting crisp feel and quicker reset will boost speed and accuracy.

3. Shoot More Practice

If you want to get better at, well, pretty much anything, then you will need to practice. In the case of handgun shooting, that means putting a lot of lead downrange. Plan on making at least one or two trips to the range each week to perfect your technique. If you find yourself struggling or just not improving, talk to a professional for pointers. You may just be reinforcing bad habits you didn’t realize you picked up during practice sessions.

4. Go Back to the Basics

For those times when you are hitting a wall, it can help to stop trying to move forward and go back to the beginning of your handgun training. Follow the basics of stance and body positioning. Check your safety procedures. Perform a thorough takedown cleaning. Then, once you have worked through your frustrations, get back to work.

Target shooting is a great pastime that you will enjoy more as your shot groupings get smaller. Remember the basics, practice regularly, and upgrade your equipment to make it a reality. Also, practice more. Remember to buy 9mm ammo as well as all handguns from a reliable brand for the best shooting experience.


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