Steps To Pick The Right Paint For House

Steps To Pick The Right Paint For House

A house is without a doubt, the most cherished asset for everyone. All of us like redecorating it. House painting is the easiest way to give a whole new look to your house and make it look more presentable. However, choosing the right paint colour, the right texture and the accent colour can be a daunting task.

Everyone has their tastes and interests and what looks appealing for one person may not be the choice of another one. With various options in terms of colour and textures, choosing the right paint for your house can be so daunting that you end up going with the existing status quo. It is just sad that the entire aim of house painting is lost in the whole process. Nevertheless, there are a few steps you can try to zero down the perfect paint for your house.

  • Choose the paint colour last: Well yes. The colour choice should be made at the very end. Are you looking forward to painting your new house? Or are you trying to redecorate your old house? Whatever be it, the paint you choose should ideally complement the furniture in the room and other wall décor. So before you decide the paint colour, select the interior design of the room and the other decor you intend to place including photo frames, wall hangings and other wall décor.
  • Which paint should you choose: There are two different types of paints – oil and latex. Latex paints are usually preferred because of its ease of clean up and the long lasting durability. It also breathes better than oil-based paints. Oil paints are ideal for priming real-wood mouldings and it is a tedious task as it takes much longer than latex paints to dry up.
  • The sheen of the paints: Glossier the paint, easier it is to clean. Choosing the sheen also depends on the probability of staining the walls. Suppose you have small kids in your household or you are looking to paint the playroom, glossy paints are an apt choice as they can be easily washed and cleaned using a wet sponge. However, a glossy paint will be too bright for a hallway or drawing room and it can be easily replaced with a semi-gloss paint that is less expensive and more elegant.
  • Zero down your choice: You may be redecorating your house or making it more presentable and appealing for sale like in Zoom Property . If you are planning to sell your house, white or off-white colours would be a perfect choice as it gives a neat, clean appearance to the walls and rooms. It would also provide the buyer with an easy way to cover the walls with a colour of his preference.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on interior designing and wall décor. With a little paint and lot of imagination, you can quickly change the look and feel of your home.


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