SRAM GXP Black Omnium Track Crankset

SRAM GXP Black Omnium Track Crankset

A crankset is a gear that consists of one or more than one chain wheel. It remains attached to both left and right crank arms, which are connected to the pedals. That’s why a crankset is a necessary part of a mountain bike. It delivers your bike to go with higher speed, better efficiency, and smoother shifting.

When you are going to purchase a new crankset, you need to consider some factors first, such as the length of both crank arms, the size of chainrings, and the compatibility of the bottom bracket. Besides, this essential gear should be durable yet lightweight so that you can use it with comfort.

Choosing the best MTB crankset can be a little bit difficult. We know it is quite challenging for you to find out the right one. That’s why we’ve come out with an excellent MTB crankset for your bike. So, read on until the end of this article to know more about it.

Review of SRAM GXP 170mm 48T Black Omnium Track Crankset

The SRAM Black Omnium Track crankset is one of the best MTB cranksets available on the market today. It is considered as the world’s first external crankset, which is designed for world-class track racing. This mountain biking gear comes with some essential features. So, you should look at them before making any decision.

Design and Construction

This MTB crankset ist the construction of high-quality, durable material. It supports your mountain bike for a long time, even in any rough terrain. Also, the mountain biking gear is designed for not only all-out velodrome racing but also at home as the ultimate fixie crankset. It is lightweight enough for your mountain bike, which weighs only 825 grams.


The crankset provides a chain wheel that features alloy chainring bolts. This mountain biking gear gives your bike a classy look when you’ve finished the installation. Also, the crankset is 144mm BCD, which is compatible with only 1/2 x 1/8 chains. In this case, the stiffest alloy arm is attached to a 5mm thick chain wheel to bear all the pressure.

Bottom Bracket

This excellent mountain biking gear includes a GXP bottom bracket with external bearing cups so that you can easily connect this to your bike. This crankset is still lightweight even after the bottom bracket is included in it. When you are going to set the crankset with the bottom bracket into your mountain bike, you may need to use some grease for a tight installation.

Crank Arms

The SRAM brings the Omnium track crankset so that the bikers can use it in the street and track. It comes with a pair of crank arms, which feature a one-piece, 7050-TV alloy arm, or spider design with a GXP drive-side spindle. When you install the crankset with your bike, your crank arms remain connected with the bike pedals.


  • Comes with durable material
  • Designed for all-out velodrome racing
  • Includes strongest and stiffest alloy
  • Provides stylish outlook
  • Delivers smoother performance


  • It might be a bit expensive


You’ve already known that a whole crankset includes proper construction materials, gear ration, chainrings, crank arms, and the compatibility of the bottom bracket. When you go for purchasing a crankset, you need to keep these things in mind. But, if you don’t want to go through all the stresses, you can choose this one for your mountain bike.


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