How to create a song list for party

How to create a song list for party

Party…sounds fun… but organizing one is so much work.

Hitting the bull’s eye – two essential parts of any party is Food and Music, you definitely can’t get wrong with it. But with our tips, do not worry about taking DJ duties.

Follow these tricks and be the music star at all parties:

  1. Choosing an App or program – Choose a program or an app that allows you to make a playlist, allows you to add and mix music, and also upload it online and download it as well. Also, you can copy-paste from other’s playlist that is available online (makes the job a tad bit easier).
  2. Accessibility online – If you can edit and add your playlist on your phone, which is with you all the time (we are not wrong there, are we 😉 ?). This will enable you to work on your list on the go and carry it to every party… yeah, you rock, ‘Mr. Onspot DJ’.
  3. Choosing Music – Now the most important job is to select music…no no select right music. First chart out the age group and likes and dislikes of people expected to arrive. Sticking to a certain genre sounds like a good idea – but don’t instead jump all over the place. Make sure you hop swiftly. The easiest way is to, make your list of top 100 party songs and hop from one to another.
  4. Organizing is the key – Keeping the folder and list organized will keep you sorted in the time crunch. If you want to make one for all, meaning one playlist for all occasions then folder your songs according to theme, tempo, and peppiness of the songs. And then all you have to do is pick a folder put the list on shuffle and it will pick and play on its own and you can join the dance floor too.
  5. Pro Tips – Always start with great songs.
  6. Keep throwing some fast or break – the – monotony songs timely in between.
  7. If you plan to shuffle, keep the list in an order –say alphabetically, that way you can search any particular song easily when needed.
  8. Include highs and lows but it doesn’t need to be a long one, just enough to keep the expectation soaring.
  9. Transition is supremely important, hopping from one song to another, needs to be done smartly. Don’t go from kajrare to chogada (well! You can if you manipulate and match the tempo… and that will be even more fun, work smart).
  10. Test before you play. Do we need to say more?
  11. Gather some, mind you only some regional twists and see the party animals groove on unheard incomprehension-able music.
  12. Keep the flow of the music, the cardinal rule says – loud and fun in the start, slower in the mid with one or two bumps in between, throw a round of peppy and mass songs timely and high energy towards the end and soothe it out in the last.

Follow these tips and rock the next party and then next and next….


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