Free Grid Games To Challenge Your Observation Skills

Free Grid Games To Challenge Your Observation Skills

While Grid games give gears an almost realistic peek into car driving. The grid provides us with more fun and metal-grinding understanding of total-racing with the thrills, spills and frills that go with it. Putting players in the seat of well-known race cars but well-known factory cars to be raced on highly described circuits around the world, one can easily feel the rush involved.

In Grid free, a new power market has opened up and everything is up for grabs. Compete against other power suppliers as you work your way towards becoming the biggest power supplier in the land. Visit here to your Grid free before others do and become the greatest power leader!

Take a look at the controls :

The control is very simple, you have gas and brake done with the triggers, camera view change is done with one of the bumpers, steering with the left thumbstick and panning around your car with the right thumbstick.

Since the cars involved are factory series, there is no need for the tuning options and getting a car is simply done by entering an event and buying a car specified for that race.

Visit here while buying the car, you have a choice of getting a new car or a cheaper used one from eBay motors, although there is not much difference in the condition. You can also sell your car on eBay once you have no use for it.

Grid, you do have to take care not to crash it but when you do the visual damage model is very convincing. Smack into another car and you will be treated to bits and pieces of glass, metal and rubber flying every which way.

Do enough damage to your car and you will see your speed, power and handling decrease significantly. Even crashing into a physical object that blocks something can have a lasting effect on the race as any many broken pieces of something destroyed will remain on the track for remaining laps.

Choosing your Right Teammates :

Teammates can also be hired, later on, adding to both the amount of money the team can earn and the player’s sense of ownership – everything, from the team’s name to the colours and sponsors marked on the cars, can be changed here.

Those familiar with Pro Grid free series should pick this title up while those who are not, the game’s rather split personality between an arcade racer and a sim should be appealing enough.

Grid free is a success plan of reaching goals board game designed by Friedemann Friese and is a remake of the German board game. Each player represents a power supply company trying to connect as many cities as possible to its Grid free. To do so, you will have to build power plants to supply enough electricity to power your cities; own enough valuable supplies to run the power plants and earn enough money to connect the cities and buy the power plants and useful things.


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