Do You Wear Pearls as Per the Rules? Check It Here!

Do You Wear Pearls as Per the Rules? Check It Here!

Timeless jewellery like pearl gives you several kinds of look, from elegant, classy to retro and glamorous, but you need to wear them accordingly. There is no age, shape, size, sex, or race to wear this precious jewellery. All you need is to follow the rule. Here are some rules for you.

1) Choose the pearl that suits you not the one that seems good 

It’s really necessary to choose your “right pearl” as it’s going to add to your beauty. Keep in mind to select the following things accurately –

  1. The right colour – It is necessary to find the colour that suits your skin tone so that it can highlight your skin tone. You can get a variety of colours like classic white, golden, pink, maroon, green, blue, lavender pink, black and many more. It’s completely on you which colour you choose. 
  1. The right size of the pearl can be seen by the way it features your face and hand. Does it make your face or hand look too big or too small or just perfect? 
  1. Length of the necklace – There are many sizes available like princess, rope, opera, matinee as well as chokers. However, you can decide the length of your pearl necklaces as well. 

2) Pair your pearl to your outfit or vice-versa 

There isn’t much to say about this. Match your pearls to whatever you wear or just wear whatever suits your pearls!

3) Choose pearls according to mood and occasion 

You simply can’t wear black pearls for a wedding. Can you? Consider the time, place, occasion and the mood before you choose a pearl for your outfit. Shades of Pink and white are preferred for light functions, daily wear and romantic evening whereas black, blue, maroon as well as white gives you an elegant yet sophisticated look.

4) Combine your jewelry 

Pearls can be worn in a set consisting of an earring, necklace, finger ring, bracelet, and a hairpiece sometimes. However, they look extremely good when paired with others like gold, diamonds, and crystals.

These are some of the rules that you need to follow to style your look.


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