Worried About the Safety of Your Money Transfer Online? These Tips Can Help

Worried About the Safety of Your Money Transfer Online? These Tips Can Help

With no intermediary involved, it is not easy for a lot of NRIs to trust online money transfers with regards to their safety. While service providers take every possible measure to secure every transfer, there are a few essential things that a sender, too, should remember for enhanced safety. Five tips to make your online transfers more secure are discussed in this post.

A crucial reason why some NRIs still prefer using offline transfers is their physical presence. Offline service providers have their offices and agents that NRIs can visit in case if anything goes wrong with their transfers. But you don’t get this facility when it comes to online transfers.

But why do the majority of the NRIs now use online transfers? It is because the online service providers have made their platforms highly secure and user-friendly. A sender doesn’t really need to deal with any intermediary to make a transfer. Moreover, online transfers are faster, more convenient, cost-effective, and help you save a lot of time and effort.

However, while the online money transfer platforms take every possible measure to secure your transfers, you as a sender also have a few responsibilities. Take a look-

1. Use a Secure Computer/Laptop or Mobile Phone

You should always use your own computer/laptop or mobile phone to make the transfers. Avoid visiting a cybercafe or even the system at your workplace, as this can be very risky. Not only this, but also make sure that your computer or laptop has a genuine copy of anti-virus installed.

If you prefer using your mobile phone for the transfers, make sure that you always keep your device locked with a strong password. Only use the official app of your remittance service provider and never enter your account details anywhere except the official login page on the mobile app/online platform.

2. Stay Away from Unsolicited Emails

Continuing from the point above, you should also stay away from fake emails that look exactly similar to emails you receive from your service provider. This is a type of phishing attack done to collect your account information.

Most such emails often invoke emergency or fear. For instance, the email might say that they are offering a higher exchange rate for a limited duration. Make sure that you always check the email address of the sender before clicking on any links included in the emails. If any such links redirect you to a website, do check the URL of the website to make sure that it is genuine.

3. Save the Transfer Tracking Number

If you are working with a reputed money transfer service, each of your successful transfer will generate a tracking number as soon as you initiate the transfer. You can use this tracking number to monitor the status of your transfer online.

In case of any delays, you can contact the support department of the service provider. You will need this tracking number to get instant answers to your queries regarding your transfer.

4. Select a Reputed Service Provider and Stick to It

Everyone wants to get the best value for their hard-earned money. Scammers know this very well and often advertise higher than average exchange rates to attract people. But it is always better to select a reputed service provider for money transfer online and stick to it.

For instance, there are now some top Indian banks that are well-known for their international money transfer services and highly competitive exchange rates. Select one such bank and prefer using the same for every transfer rather than switching between new service providers in search of better rates.

Making Online Money Transfers Secure and Convenient

It is necessary to follow the basic precautions to ensure that your transfers securely reach your recipient in India. While the service providers have their advanced tools and technologies in place, senders should never overlook these precautions in order to experience all of the benefits offered by online transfers in the most convenient and hassle-free manner.

So, lookout for a reputed online remittance service and remember the points discussed above to eliminate all of your worries and make your transfers to India safe and secure.


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