Trendy Pakistani Dresses and the Latest Fashion

Trendy Pakistani Dresses and the Latest Fashion

Pakistani fashion changes now and then, you will find a new fashion piece trending every other week. That is a bit hard to catch up on but on the other side; it is a good progress for our Pakistani Fashion Industry.

The biggest hands in making the Pakistani Industry grow and groom is the hands of our amazing clothing lines. We all are aware of clothing brands like Khaadi, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Al Karam and many other leading brands.

Every season, style and festival all these clothing lines launches their new collections which are all to die for. From the soft fabric to pretty prints and the most attractive embroidery and laces; all these brands are working really hard.

So, to show more of what amazing things these Pakistani Fashion Industry brands are doing; here are some seasonal launches that people loved and are still looking forward to buy them.

I am starting off with everyone favorite Gul Ahmed Clothing.

1.  Gul Ahmed Gypsy Collection:

On every season, Gul Ahmed is mostly the first Pakistani clothing brand to launch its new collection with amazing designs and affordable prices. Talking of the new trend and latest fashion, Gul Ahmed launched their Gul Ahmed Gypsy Collection 2017; and people are going all out over it. The gypsy collection by Gul Ahmed is all about the ethnicities of our Pakistani culture and its beauty. This collection showcases the true beauty of Pakistan through their dresses. In the gypsy collection, you will find dresses themed on Baclochi and Sindhi culture. These dresses are vibrant in colors and are full of embroidery, ralli and mirror work which is all done beautifully.

2.    NishatLilen Luxury Collection:’

The luxury collection by NishatLilen was also one of the best collections of Nishat. The luxury collection was launched on Eid 2017 and was sold out quickly. Those dresses did look luxurious, the colors of the luxury collection are light (according to the hot summer season), the prints included floral, patterned and even plain but the work and bunches on the dresses took five stars.

As always, Nishat really took time to perfect the little details on each and every dress of their luxury collection. The prices are affordable and any one, any age can wear them. We all are looking forward to see their new collection now!

Bonanza Satrangi Collection:

Bonanza is one of the oldest and famous brands of the Pakistani fashion industry. This year, Bonanza launched its Satrangi collection which is full of bright and vibrant colors; with printed and embroidered shirts that you can flaunt with a pretty chiffon dupatta.  Satrangi Collection was launched on Eid so it has a dress for every woman, any age.  Bonanza never fails to surprise us with all those amazing dress designs every season.

There are many more Pakistani clothing brands that are amazing at what they do. Pakistani fashion industry is making a mark gradually everywhere thanks to our best clothing brands.  For Complete Pakistani Dress Catalogs visit My Lawn Collection.


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