Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Security Guard

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Security Guard

Security is a somewhat controversial issue, but it is important for both small and large companies to invest in security services. However, if you are trying to evaluate security guard companies Louisiana, do you know what to look for? Today’s security companies have many options, and selecting the right company may be challenging.

Service Offerings

Not only should your chosen security company offer the services you are looking for, but they should also offer them in your city. Therefore, identify whether your prospective company has clients in your area, including your specific neighborhood or location within the city. If they are already in the area, these guards will understand the external risks you may experience. In addition, these companies may already have additional support throughout the city if you need it. These guards may be currently monitoring your street or area simply because they work with local clients.


Your security guards should have experience in your industry or businesses like yours. Different types of businesses, such as manufacturing versus offices, require different security skills. A guard will not secure an office the same as a factory floor. Learn what types of companies your security guard company has worked with and choose guards whose training meets your needs.

Insurance and Licensing

The security service should be up to date on all its licensing and insurance in case a guard must detain someone. In addition, security guards may be injured or cause damage to your property while they are guarding it. The security company will be responsible for covering the cost of any damages if the guards are properly insured. If not, you will pay for the damages out of pocket.

Training and background checks are also required for licensing, and different states have different licensing requirements. Therefore, ensure the company and guards are licensed in each state you need them.

Businesses must deal with both internal and external risks, and some are criminal targets. Properly trained, licensed and insured security guards help assess and mitigate these risks.


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