Things to consider before flying when you are sick

Things to consider before flying when you are sick

Almost nobody would like to fly when they are ill but some people have compulsions that necessitate them to fly. Cold and allergies can worsen in the closed environment of an airplane. No matter even if your route is short like Delhi to Bangalore flights, you would still risk spreading your contagious diseases or ailments to other passengers. So it is very critical to know few important points if you are flying in sickness.

1) Your minor ailment can grow to a full-blown condition

A person having a sore throat has to be careful as it can turn into a case of tonsillitis. Also, a specific allergen at your destination place could trigger an allergy attack. The change in the air pressure inside the flight can also be a cause of concern for sick people as it can lead to vertigo, tinnitus, etc.

2) Beware of other people getting infected

A study by the “Journal of Environmental Health Research” found that common cold is 100 times more likely to get transmitted on a plane. While another study found that there’s a 20% higher chance of you catching a cold in flights compared to land. So it’s prudent for you to avoid travelling and thereby saving a lot of people from contracting your ailment.

3) Use air mask

Using a face mask can drastically reduce the chances of your ailment spreading to other people. Also it will help you by not contracting other people’s ailments. When you are sick, your immune system is already low and if you catch another ailment in that situation, your health would drastically deteriorate.

4) Ask for a wheelchair if you are injured

Due to pride or other reasons, most people avoid taking a wheelchair even when they are injured. If you have a foot injury, you may miss a connecting flight due to your slowness. You can ask for a wheelchair at the entry gate of the airport. Most people would be amazed to know that there is a separate staff employed to ferry sick or injured persons on the wheelchair in an airport. You can avail this facility on all the routes like Delhi to Bangalore flights.

5) Common cold/Fever issues

A common cold is so common that most people don’t think twice before boarding a Spicejet plane. In the case of fever, a 100° F isn’t worrisome (source CDC), but flying can aggravate and worsen your conditions, so always be prepared with all your medicines.

What to do when you are sick during travelling?

Some practical tips which can help you for travelling when you are sick.

  • Before travelling have your full quota of sleep and some more.
  • Salt water gargling is very effective when you have a sore throat.
  • Hydrate yourself with plenty of water and green tea.
  • Avoiding junk food would help you a great deal.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently and avoid handshakes.

While experts will continue debating whether flying can exacerbate your conditions, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. These tips will ensure a better flying experience not only for yourself but also for your fellow passengers.


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