The Most Commonly Used Aircraft Fastener Today

The Most Commonly Used Aircraft Fastener Today

Several types of aircraft fasteners are used today, including turn-locks, lockbolts, blind rivets, and shear nuts. These fasteners have different uses and require different skills to install and use. Nevertheless, these are the most commonly used aircraft fasteners today by top fastener distributors.

Blind Rivets

Blind rivets (also called pop rivets) are a fastener commonly used in aircraft. They are tamper-resistant and produce strong fastenings. Unlike solid rivets, blind rivets can be installed in inaccessible spaces, such as a blind hole.

There are many types of blind rivets available. These include aluminum, steel, Monel, and stainless steel. Some of these are suited for structural applications, while others are used for non-structural purposes. It is important to choose the right blind rivet for your needs.

The shape, size, and composition of the blind rivet stem make a difference. If you are using blind rivets on your aircraft, you should check with your designer to ensure you’re getting the right product.


Turn-lock fasteners, also known as quick action fasteners, are a type of quarter-turn fastener used on aircraft bodies. The self-locking feature makes them easy to open and remove. Many are used on doors and fairings. In addition, turn locks are often used to secure removable panels on aircraft.

There are a variety of types of turn-lock fasteners, including solid shank rivets and Airloc receptacles. Solid shank rivets are faster to install than bolts. Some are adapted to automatic high-speed installation tools. Compared to bolts, solid shank rivets are relatively inexpensive.


Lockbolts is one of the most popular aircraft fasteners. They are a unique blend of rivets and bolts and offer some advantages over their rivals.

Unlike other fasteners, lockbolts are permanently mechanically locked. This means they can’t be torqued or retained and are tamper-proof. Moreover, they’re stronger and last longer than conventional rivets.

There are two types of lockbolts: the blind and the protruding. The blind type has a blind sleeve and a metal pin. On the other hand, the protruding type has a manufactured head and a metal collar.

The swaging action of the nut on the lockbolt collar reduces the diameter. However, the swaging process is sometimes strong enough to withstand tension loading. If a collar does not have the proper shape and size, it will not be able to clamp the material properly.

Shear Nut

Aerospace fasteners play an important role in the efficiency of aircraft. These fasteners hold parts of airplanes, military jets, commercial aircraft, and space-bound rockets. Therefore, it is crucial to have high-quality and durable aircraft fasteners.

Some of the common types of aircraft fasteners are screws, rivets, nuts, and bolts. They are grouped into categories based on their size, material, and locking device. There are also special-purpose fasteners that are lightweight and strong enough to meet the design and purpose of the application.

Fasteners are typically made of metal, but aluminum and titanium are used in some commercial aircraft fasteners. Aluminum is less expensive and lighter, but it requires surface treatment. Steel is a good choice for aircraft fasteners, as it is strong and durable. It also has high heat and cold resistance


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