Inkless Baby Footprint Kit: A Memory That Never Fades

Inkless Baby Footprint Kit: A Memory That Never Fades

Memories are an important part of one’s life. As a mother or a father, one always wants to memorize all the things that their children do because time runs faster, and one can forget the beautiful things with the passage of time. Hence, as a parent, one always wants every moment to be remembered and picturizeseverything while their child grows. To remember everything, one does a lot of things like taking pictures on making videos or with any other way. One such way of capturing a memory is an inkless baby footprint kit.

An inkless baby footprint kit contains white paper, which is not like wipes and somewhat a special paperthat helps the print to appear like magic. The paper is available with a number of colorful papers.

How to use it?

  • Step 1- the paper should be kept out of the kit and should be kept on the table or floor. Place the ink pad on the paper at which the ink side should be facing the paper, and the opposite side is facing upwards.
  • Step 2- with the ink pad get on The floor on the footprint paper, one has to gently press babies hand on the ink pad. Doing this will result in the print of the baby’s foot on the paper.
  • Step 3- the same steps will be taken if one has to capturea baby’s handprint on the paper.
  • Step 4- Peel off the ink pad from the imprinted paper to get detailed printouts of the footprint or handprint of the baby.

Inkless baby footprint kit is designed in a way to capturethe time perfectly and also the initial childhood days of one’s baby. Thedesign of the inkless baby footprint kit is quite simple and hassle, which helps to make an ideal way to serve a welcome of one’s into life.


  • Safe to use for new-borns- the inkless baby footprint kit is designed smoothly and in a safe manner to keep the body of the baby away from the ink because the ink can harm the skin of the baby.
  • Easy to use- the inkless baby footprintkit is made in such a manner that it is very easy to use. One has just to place the paper on the floor, keep the ink pad on the paper with the ink side facing towards the paper and press the foot or the hand of the baby on the paper in a gentle way and the print had just to be peeled off afterward.
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Easily available- the inkless baby footprint kit is easily available in the market as well as the online market.

Gifts purpose- one can also buy it for a gift purpose as it can be an ideal gift


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