How to choose the best solar panel installer?

How to choose the best solar panel installer?

If you are already determined to buy a solar panel installation for your home or business, you will surely want to compare installers, equipment, and prices. But, you will quickly realize that choosing a qualified solar panel installer can be a great challenge. The solar industry is growing at a very high rate, but it is still a young industry, and this makes it more difficult to identify truly qualified professionals. The good news for you is that we have evaluated many solar panel installation companies and learned how to select the best ones. Here we show you our guide to find the best solar panel installer for your home or company.

Step 1: Receive offers from several solar panel installation companies

This is obvious to anyone who has made a large investment, purchase or repair. But it is vitally important to evaluate and see various offers from different installers. The purchase of a solar panel installation is an important decision that requires careful consideration because it can be an important investment, so it is highly recommended to contact Aztech Solar. Each installer can offer different types of solar panels or suggest different installation designs. When comparing several companies, you can see which technologies and financing options are better for you.

Comparing several solar panel installers you also make sure that you get the best possible option. Not only can you compare prices, but you can also compare equipment, warranties and customer service. You must ask about the differences that exist between the different offers you receive, this will help you decide which option is the best.

Step 2: Study the offers

Solar energy is not an easy purchase. Many factors influence when choosing the perfect installation for your home and your lifestyle. You can think of the installation of solar panels as a reform of your kitchen. In your kitchen, you have to work with a contractor to decide the best design, appliances, sink, countertops, tiles, etc. Installing solar panels is not as complicated as a kitchen reform, but there are many variables to consider. Not all contractors can build all types of kitchen and not all solar panel installers can install all types of systems or provide all types of financing.

Photo voltaic equipment

You should analyze the equipment that each installer is offering you, especially which solar panel and which solar inverter. There are more than 100 different solar panel manufacturers, and each one has several models. Don’t worry most installers will know which panels and inverters work best for your home or business. However, you should ask about the quality, solar panel capacity, system efficiency and durability and warranty of the panel and inverter. All this will directly affect your savings.

Installation Design

Similarly, you must also compare the different designs and dimensions of the installation. The number of solar panels and the way of placing them will directly affect the amount of energy produced by the system and therefore, your solar savings. Every solar energy installation company must be able to explain why they have designed the installation that way. Remember, if it is important for you take into account the aesthetics of the installation when evaluating the different designs. Although the really important thing is that your solar panels will be producing energy for the next 25 years.


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