How to Choose the Best Press Release Submission Website?

How to Choose the Best Press Release Submission Website?

Companies who are willing to start their press release distribution services need to understand the measures to ensure the distribution will give you thriving results. This is a crucial choice that one has to make as a press release distribution can fuel the exponential growth of your company. Otherwise, it will be a no-growth venture and a beginner; anyone would not like to have this depreciating factor. There are over 5, 00,000 big media news distribution sites. So in this ocean of possibilities choose services that will bring you better exposure and growth.

Guaranteed Placement

When you are searching for a good press release submission website, you must look for the amount of guaranteed placements that the website is offering. The motive is to make your story seen by the world and if you don’t get as many guaranteed placements then the website isn’t worth it. You need also look for their placement mediums as well; look for leading media houses’ names which can bring you more audience and better growth. For starters, the minimum number of media placements should be above 20.

User Friendliness

Apart from the technicalities of their services make yourself consider whether you can use the website or not. Even if you are well accustomed to the technology you will never know whether the provided services are outdated or not. For a few websites even the essential features are at fault and your press release distribution can be hampered by that. If the website is not that user-friendly and outdated, then you should first consider their demo packages or you can also look for reviews to be sure of their services.


Depending on various aspects you will need to consider exactly how much you are willing to pay for your PR distribution. There is no use to get the most expensive press release distribution for a budding company. It is not recommended, especially when you cannot meet up with high demands and are low on staff. It is also not recommended to try the cheapest or a free illegitimate service. Choose something in between these two aspects. Or you can go for tailored distribution to gain better results from small to mid-range distributions.

Distribution Range

While choosing your PR distribution company, always look for their distribution range. In their ‘About Us’ section they are obliged to mention their media associates. You should look for media houses that will keep your press release well-distributed and you will get the chance to meet your target audience. If you are tighter on the budget then you can go for packaged distribution which will give better scopes of reaching more people in a short time. Comparing two services based on their distribution range and affordability can be a wiser step if you are using a press release as a marketing tool for the first time.

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, the primary motive is to reach as many eyes as possible but it is also essential that reaching the eyes that will bring the most out of your business will be more beneficial. So while choosing your distributor make sure you are opting for a service that offers to engage premium media houses, more diversity, and a wider range.

The motif of a press release distribution is sending your PR to relevant journalists to bring their attention to your business. And with their help and covering your story more people will also learn about your company and services. Increasing media visibility is of utmost priority and can bring the best out of your PR distribution. It is wise to look fo


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