How to change the name on a Delta Airline flight ticket?

How to change the name on a Delta Airline flight ticket?

No one wants to spoil their travel experience by making any mistake. However, sometimes things go wrong and the situation becomes challenging to manage. One such problem that can create immediate panic in your head and heart is name error on your airline ticket. This thing becomes worse when you realize your mistake at the last minute. You may need to cancel your flight & rebook it and definitely you don’t want it to happen. Hold on…here’s good news for all those facing incorrect name problems on their AA flight ticket they can get it corrected under Delta Airlines Name change policy or Delta name correction policy.

About Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines Name Change policy supports ticket name change for passengers.  Whenever there are any kind of spelling errors or typos in your name on the ticket, or you want to add/remove your last or middle name, etc. you can use this policy. Contact the AA customer service and the officials will assist you ideally about this facility to make your user as well as travel experience smooth!

The Delta airline allows ticket name changes that are of two types- minor and major changes. The minor changes include name correction or change up to 3 characters only so it’s practical for spelling mistakes and typos. Additionally, removal or addition of your surname or middle name, reservation on your nickname, changing your inverted names may also be allowed. Do ask about all changes for the maximum benefit.

When it comes to major AA Delta airline name change on ticket, you might need to pay some amount of fee along with legal documents to verify the legal name.

Finally, Here’s the Procedure to Make AA Delta Airline Name Change on Ticket

If you have booked your AA ticket on your own, you might be able to do ticket name changes by either the official website of delta airline or by customer service department. You will need to provide them with your ticket number and other details asked by the officials.

Note: please ask the procedure to change the name through the website by yourself from the customer service representative.

On the other hand, if you have booked the ticket through a travel agent, you need to ask him/her to make the necessary name changes to your ticket on your behalf. As he has initially booked the tickets, only they will be able to make the changes as all the ticket confirmation details are with them.

Hence, before you cancel your ticket because of a minor name error or even a major one, it’s best to get complete details about your Delta airlines name correction policy.


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