Few Tips to Market with Promotional Mugs

Few Tips to Market with Promotional Mugs

Nowadays various companies try to promote their business and company brand through various promotional products.

You can visit the website customearthpromos.com where you will find various Custom Printed Reusable Bottles that can be used for promotional purpose.

Promotional coffee mug can also be another item that can be very effective in promoting your business. They can work almost like your business card. However, unlike business cards, this mug will not remain in your drawer or in the Rolodex.

Promotional mugs will remain open and everyone will be able to see. You can use this visibility and take advantage.

Following are few tips that you can use for marketing your products and the company by using promotional mugs.

1 Choose a high-quality product

While choosing any mug for promotion make sure that it has a long shelf-life and very well designed too. It should be attractive enough so that people will like to keep it.

Try to choose a supplier of the mug, which has a strong track record and known for supplying quality products. A poor-quality mug can backfire but a premium product will always get customer loyalty.

Your mugs will not make enough impact if you choose poor quality mug.

2 Make your design little interesting

There is no problem if you keep your design simpler and use simple logo with the name of your company and other details. Few industries often prefer to take conservative approach rather than using a creative one.

However, if there is a “wow” factor available in the designs then you can make your campaign more appealing and have lots of fun.

Companies that print such promotional mugs will also allow you so that you can personalize both sides of cup. On one side of the mug try certain display, which is memorable so that people will be excited to show-off the mug.

3 Include a call for action

As per the study, 83% of consumers responded that they will be more interested to do business with such brands who offers such promotional product. About 79% will be motivated to do research about the brand.

You must therefore offer people some way to know more about your company and business. Therefore, you must also call and tell them what they should do next.

The action can be simply providing their phone number or website address too.

4 Make appeal to right audiences

Your efforts will go waste, if you hand out promotional mugs to anyone who pass by your business. You must offer these mugs to target those people who can be your audience.

If you are choosing any company then you must choose a person who is having

  • High visibility in his company
  • Has greater influence
  • Has strong loyalty

Loyal employees will always be a good choice as they will be more informed about your company and business and also have long-standing relationship.

5 Feature freebies in the social media campaigns

Try to use social media for promoting your company particularly if you want to plan charging for it in near future.


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