Choosing Clothing for Winter Concealed Carry

Choosing Clothing for Winter Concealed Carry

Layered clothing easily conceals firearms, but they hamper your access to your weapon. Because your purpose in carrying a weapon is easy access in cases of emergency, layers may not be conducive to safe carrying. Therefore, consider purchasing concealed carry clothes for winter.


If you are carrying your weapon in a shoulder or waist holster, you may want to purchase jackets and coats designed specifically for concealed carry. These garments have built-in pockets or zippers where your holster is positioned. Although you will spend time unzipping the pockets or access areas, delaying your draw, you will stay warm in the harshest of climates.

Some jackets also offer holster pockets that can allow quicker access to firearms because you can place your hand in the pocket without alerting others to your weapon.


Your outerwear should be lightweight, but it should be strong so it doesn’t develop wear patterns from you drawing your weapon. Puffy jackets and pants may get caught as you draw your weapon. In addition, they should either have a holster attachment, provide access to common holster positions or offer secured holsters within the garment.


Holsters that sit inside your clothing, especially your waistband or under shirts, should be avoided during the winter because they add layers of complexity when you are trying to draw your weapon. For example, you will have to move layers of clothes to reach your weapon, making it obvious you are carrying and significantly delaying your draw. In addition, your firearm may become tangled in your clothing layers as you draw, which could either delay your draw or cause misfiring.

Avoid carrying your weapon in your pants pocket as well. As you move and draw, your weapon can become tangled in the liner of your pockets.

Although carrying a firearm during the winter can be challenging. A few simple clothing modifications or purchases can make carrying easier.


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