Best Sources/Apps To Get The Latest News Instantly

Best Sources/Apps To Get The Latest News Instantly

Are you looking for a good app for news quickies? Whether it be someone preparing for a competition or someone who simply wants to stay updated, accessing news in this globalized era with the touch of a button is much more convenient than resorting to conventional news platforms. Most of the population in India is working or studying. Smartphones are possessed by almost everyone nowadays. Thus, mobile applications which provide relevant, authentic, and brief public news updates are a must-have in every smartphone. Since there are many sources and applications in the market, it is difficult to choose the best.

But relax, we have got you covered. Below is an extensive review of the top-rated apps for you to make your pick-

1.BBC News App-

The BBC is a reputed and internationally recognised news organisation that keeps its readers updated with the latest news stories. It is popularly considered the best global news app, which is platform-friendly and offers users an option to browse their choice of news-whether it is top headlines or breaking news. They can also live-stream news channels and get notified about the latest news.

2. Dainik Bhaskar-

It is one of the most user-friendly apps which are known for giving true and complete public news analysis. Avoid the fuss of unnecessary advertisements while browsing news on the application. It also falls as an ideal news transmission option for working millennia as they can get a quick video analysis of daily news at the touch of a button.  Besides this, it has a separate section for providing correct facts surrounding fake news.

3. SmartNews-

This news app is a savior for those who always like to read the news while travelling or those who do not have an internet connection available. SmartNews downloads news at specific times of the day so the user might set it to download in the morning before leaving for work and again in the afternoon before heading home. It is an AI-powered app that curates the hottest trends and each day’s top stories.

4. Google News-

What makes Google Newsstand out from every other app is its “Full Coverage” feature under every headline card that brings up articles focused on a similar topic. This is done to provide an extensive view of a news story. You can also subscribe to the news sources you wish to watch. Besides this, you can buy premium subscriptions to newspapers, websites, and magazines.

5. Flipboard-

If you are interested in reading news with vivid graphics and visuals, Flipboard is just the right app for you. The interface has been designed in a magazine form-each news is featured by a large headline and an image. You can flip through the news just like you’d do in a paper magazine. You can use the subscription of the app to read international journals like The Wall Street Journal.

6. The Hindu-

The newspaper brought into your device; the Hindu app offers you the option to read editorials, national news, international news, city-wise news, sports news, and miscellaneous news. It also offers attractive subscription packages to its readers with access to complementary news platforms. It is one of the most trusted and recommended apps for competitive and academic purposes and is prescribed in many universities and schools.

While we have narrowed down to the most popular and user-friendly sources for you to get the latest global and domestic public news instantly, you can do your own research about which app requires less memory, is technical-glitch resistant and fits your requirements. Most of the above apps are available on both Android and iOS, so make sure your OS supports the app you download.


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