Best Free Online Gaming Website

Best Free Online Gaming Website

Online Browser Games at

Online browser games are my go-to games whenever I need something casual to play. They are fun and entertaining, and you do not have to put substantial effort into playing them. My favourite thing about these online games is how simple they are. They are also pretty great to blow off some steam especially after a long day at school or work. If you want to get your brain working, or take a break for the day, then online games are the right choice for you. There are many different websites where you can play games online. I will be talking about my favorite one today, which is What makes Coolmath Games such a good website is its extensive library of games and how the website is designed for maximum user convenience. They contain one of the best and biggest libraries of free online games.

No in-game ads

Being a big fan of online games, I have tried a bunch of websites over the course of many years. There are several reasons why I really like Coolmath Games. The first and biggest one is because of ads. Most websites that provide HTML5 or flash games have very annoying ads. You would be in the middle of a game and an add would suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Or an ad would pop up each time you clear a level in the game. Sometimes, if you want to try out a certain level, it will give you ads to watch. Some even go as far as to add popup ads that will appear with the frequency of once per minute. This can be very annoying and takes out all the fun when you are just trying to have a nice time. Coolmath Games has ads, sure, but the way it’s designed is to ensure the best possible user experience. You will only notice 2 total ads on the website that are not even always visible. One of them only appears when you want to play a game in a full-screen mode. The ad itself is pretty short and is only played once so is not that big of a deal. Compared to most other websites, there are zero in-game ads, and nothing gets better than that. The overall experience of using Coolmath Games is super smooth. You will never be dissatisfied no matter the game you play.

Everything is free!

Another important thing I would like to highlight is payments. There are so many sketchy websites that will make you pay in hidden ways. Some will require you to pay to unlock special features or to play further levels. Some have “premium” features that are very costly but do not add anything special to that game. Each game on Coolmath Games is completely free to play. You do not even have to register to play, so you can access every game without paying a cent or getting tricked into some scheme.

Fun on mobile and desktop

Other notable features to mention are that there is even a mobile app available for this website. So, if you cannot access the website on your computer, you can use it on your phone or tablet device. All the games on their website are categorized in a very good fashion. You can browse through a list of the exact types of games that you wish to play. Coolmath Games also provides both single-player and multiplayer games so you can play either with yourself or with other players, depending upon your mood. It additionally has a really cool leveling system that you can access once you register an account. You will be able to earn XP, create your playlists, and much more. Last but not the least, the developers are always adding new content to the site, which is pretty amazing.

Hundreds of games to choose from

Coolmath Games has so many games available on its platform. While the website was initially created to have educational games for math and science for kids, it now has games of all genres available such as sports, puzzles, strategy, action, arcade, adventure, etc. It provides all the best free online games out there.

Solitaire at

My personal favorite games that I play there are the solitaire games. Like all others, they are completely free to play as well. Their fun and unique gameplay makes them all addictive. Each game is designed perfectly for maximum entertainment and fun. The graphics and animations are mesmerizing. Controls are very easy, and the rhythmic music will keep you hooked. It is one of those few websites that have all kinds of solitaire games available:

One of the online solitaire games available there is called Klondike. It is a fun and challenging game. Your goal is to arrange 13 cards of a suit from Ace to King. You have to place these suits on empty areas called the foundation. There are 7 piles in total, and you have to build alternating color sequences on the tableau before putting them onto the foundation. There is a timer involved as well so you have to be quick and careful about each move.

The second game, called Spider Solitaire, is much like Klondike but also very different. In this game, you group the cards in an order starting from King till Ace. Your goal is to create piles of the same suit and remove them from the tableau. You can also move smaller piles as long as they follow the correct order. This will allow you to reveal hidden cards at the top. The game is very casual in nature as you can adjust your difficulty level yourself. If you ever find yourself stuck, you can use the undo button to fix the mistake.

The next game is called FreeCell. This game is very unique as compared to the rest. It is a little advanced and requires more skill but it also my personal favorite out of the rest. FreeCell is quite similar to Sider Solitaire because both progress in a similar fashion. In the beginning, the whole deck is distributed in 8 columns. All are dealt face up so you will have all the information you need. You need to match cards of alternating colors which requires a bit more creativity and patience. FreeCell also has a unique version called the Daily FreeCell. In that version, there is a unique deck of cards each day for you to play with. You can also access the older puzzles should you wish to solve them.

Now that you know how cool Coolmath Games really is, why not head to the website and check out all these amazing solitaire games for yourself:


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