All about borosilicate glass bongs

All about borosilicate glass bongs

A bong is known as any pipe that allows smoking by previously filtering the smoke, making it submerge in water in the form of small bubbles.There are Bongs which can bought at online head shop created with a multitude of materials, from the most traditional ones made of wood , to those made of borosilicate , passing through a multitude of intermediate ranges made of multiple materials, such as plastic or metal. If there is so much variety, then why bongs of laboratory glass are so famous, if it is the most fragile material? For various reasons:

First, to explain that borosilicate glass, also called ” hard glass “, is the material with which laboratory utensils are made, and is designed so that its structure gives itgreater resistance to heat and shock ; Adding these factors to the fact that the thickness of the pieces can range from 0.3 to 0.7mm , we gain peace of mind, because if we are careful, we can keep our pieces for a long time.

Secondly, because glass is a totally neutral material, that is, it does not react with heat, nor does it give off particles, nor does it alter the taste in any way, and if it is kept clean, it is extremely sterile. So, those who decide to use it as a consumption tool will enjoy very pure flavors , especially if it is used to vaporize, being able to differentiate the aromatic nuances of each variety much better, compared to smoking them. In addition, at a medicinal level, it is very suitable, for everything mentioned above; it will allow the user to be sure that they do not inhale any undesirable element, particle or debris that could worsen their condition or interfere with the expected benefit.

Third, it is veryeasy to clean, either using alcohol and salt, specific citrus-based products or a KH7-type biodegradable degreaser and a brush.

Any of the three modes will get you looking like new with little effort. Finally, because it is a culture in itself, which is sustained thanks to crafts; the highest quality pieces are made by hand and are unique, even if they are part of a batch of several identical pieces; the details are never the same and they all enjoy immense quality, in addition to containing a great personality of their own that will captivate you. Within this range we will separate the pieces in transparent or scientific type and the colored ones, called “heady glass “.


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