Airtel IUC Charges: What Airtel Offers for Unlimited Voice Calls

Airtel IUC Charges: What Airtel Offers for Unlimited Voice Calls

Mobile recharge had been pretty simple for the last couple of years, especially for those who were using smartphones and using mobile plans offering unlimited data with daily or monthly caps. There had been some changes on the way but it has benefited the customers more or less. But with some service providers now taking the sudden decision of passing the IUC charge to customers, people are feeling confused again about what to do and which service provider to use. Luckily, Airtel has decided to stick to its policies and will continue to serve its customers to its best.

Airtel will not burden customers with IUC charges

With some customers suddenly announcing the IUC charges to be levied on its customers, there is some commotion among the masses. For the uninitiated, IUC stands for Interconnect Usage Charge which telecom service providers have to pay others when their customers are making calls to other networks. Though the Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) had said that it will abolish the charges and the date for such changes wasset at January 2020, the organisation has not been able to keep its word. So due to the uncertainty, some telecom providers have decided to pass these charges down to its customers.

Until this point of time, the service providers were seemingly bearing the charges for its customers. But with the sudden change in plans, some customers will definitely have to pay more for calling their peers, colleagues and other places. This is surely a reason for discontentment with surging prices due to the decaying economic conditions at present. However, Airtel has announced that it will still stand strong with its customers and continue to pay the IUC charge. This will help customers to keep calling their friends and families with no interruption.

Airtel’s bundle recharges will envelop all costs

Airtel has declared that the recharge plans that are available at present would continue for the users. With sudden talk about IUC charges, there has been a lot of discontentment and confusion among customers of all operators. So, Airtel has confirmed that it will not be asking its customers to pay charges for calling numbers of other operators. Along with free voice calls, data, unlimited calling and SMS, Airtel also offers its users the Airtel Thanks benefits. The users get access to Airtel XStream Premium services, Norton Mobile Security and a 1-month course from Shaw Academy.

With the mobile number portability option for Airtel, customers can switch to this operator whenever they feel like. The process is very easy. All they need to do is register through their number after downloading the Airtel Thanks app. The ‘Switch to Airtel’ option will guide users through the nest steps. Customers can submit KYC documents and get the SIM delivered right at their doorstep.

With all these facilities, Airtel is offering better facilities to its customers at present.


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