4 Engery Saving Tips for Summer

4 Engery Saving Tips for Summer

If you’re a homeowner, a major concern is always how much money you are spending to simply live comfortably in the household.  Water, gas, heat, and air conditioning are all additional expenses that can vary significantly from month to month.  Unfortunately, a lot of you may be spending too much on heating and cooling for your home.  Even if you have energy saving appliances throughout your household, keeping them running still has an impact on how much energy you use, the lifespan of the equipment, and of course, how much money you’ll be spending.  Did you know that the average American spends over $2,000 on energy bills, alone?   There are many small changes you can make that will allow you to save on energy consumption.  That’s great for both your pocket and the environment.

In Summer months, close blinds or shades to keep the sun out.

You don’t have to suffer by completely eliminating AC usage.  While running the air conditioning, closing your curtains or shades will help keep your home cooler.  This means you won’t be using as much energy to run the air conditioner because your home will cool down faster and stay cooler longer.  If it’s a bit chilly out, but not to the point that you need to run the heater, open the shades and blinds to allow the sun to warm the home up naturally.

Install a programmable thermostat and set to a comfortable temperature.

Constantly adjusting the temperature on the thermostat wastes a lot of energy according to our friends at American Efficiency.  A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust temperatures based on the time of day and according to your schedule.  Be sure to adjust the temperatures accordingly at times you won’t be home or when you’ll be asleep.  There is less need for the home to be super warm or cool at those times.  Set the temperature to a degree that is comfortable.  Blasting the air conditioner or cranking up the heat doesn’t heat or cool the home any faster and wastes a lot of unnecessary energy.

Properly insulate your home.

A major reason that many homeowners spend so much money on heating and cooling is not having a well insulated home.  If you’re constantly running the air conditioning or the heat and notice it takes a while to really become effective, this could be because the hot or cold air is escaping through leaks from the cracks under your doors or windows.  Insulation will keep the hot or cold air where it needs to be without allowing anywhere for it to escape.  You won’t have to run your cooling and heating systems as much, and a comfortable temperature will last longer.

Check air filters regularly.

Both your furnace and air conditioner filters play a major part in how much you’ll have to run your heating or cooling systems.  Over time, the filters collect dust.  This dust begins to block the heat or cool air from getting past the filter.  You’ll end up running your system on a higher setting for a longer period of time for effective results.  Be sure to check and clean filters at least once a month during the hot and cold months where you’ll want your systems running.  When completely clean, you’ll notice a major difference in how long it takes to heat up or cool down your home.  It will also be a major energy saver.

Being aware of your usage and taking small measures to reduce your use of energy is a win-win for everyone.  A simple step such as installing a programmable thermostat or cleaning air filters can save you a lot in the long run. You’ll be comfortable in your home while being the most energy efficient.


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