3 Helpful Tips for Creating Your New Half Bathroom

3 Helpful Tips for Creating Your New Half Bathroom

Are you thinking about adding a half bathroom to your home? This seems like a big project, but it can really be quite simple with careful planning. Here are three great tips to help guide your new half bathroom project.

1.Plan the Location

The most important consideration for your new half bathroom is where you will put it. If you have an unused closet or an empty corner of a room, consider transforming these spaces into your half bathroom. It’s always helpful to locate your new bathroom near existing plumbing lines whenever possible, but a professional plumber can help you divert plumbing lines if this is not an option.

2.Develop a Layout

Since half bathrooms are generally small rooms, it’s important to make choices that maximize the available space. Luckily, there are special bathroom plumbing fixtures that can add functionality to even the tightest bathroom space. Choose a corner toilet and a corner sink for your design, giving you greater clearance for your door and making it easier to move around.

3.Add Finishing Touches

It’s always the little details that tie a room together, and the same is true for your new half bath. Select lighting that suits the style you’re going for, whether it’s some antique sconces for a classic look or LED strip lighting that will lend a contemporary touch. You can also add a statement piece by selecting a great work of art. You don’t even have to leave the home to do this – check out the original art from an online gallery Key West FL and find the perfect piece for your space.

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Reduce those bathroom traffic jams by adding a functional half bathroom to your home. Follow these tips and you’ll create a comfortable and stylish half bathroom that the entire family will appreciate


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